Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Simple Guidelines for Leveling Up

Making a High Level Character in Dragon Nest SEA is quite easy. It will take you a week or 2 to level up your character if your an average type of player and less than a week if your a hardcore type of players to level up your character 1 to 50, awesome right? and Here sharing this knowledge to guide for those having trouble with it comes to leveling up. Just read my tips and guidelines and a week you'll create a max level character.

Level Guidelines 1 to 10

At the beginning of the game, I recommend you do all the available quest  until you character reach level 10, and I also suggest you you take all the quest that will be done the same place or dungeon, in this way you will save time and effort and remember to pick up many items such as level 5 magic items. After you've collected the equipments which is fit your character (Helm. Upper Armor, Lower Armor, Gloves, Boots, Main Weapon, Secondary Weapon) take a little break in town and do some enhancements a the blacksmith. Upgrading you equipment will help you increase you stats including Hp and Mp. Enhance your equip to +7 or +8 I suggest It wont cost you that much, If you feel like doing something like +10 or +11 you could do it, After all items in the level are very very cheap and easy to find.
Pick Up Level 5 green Items such as weapons and Armors
Enhance it to +7 or above no need for Jelly you need only copper and fragment.
Try going dungeon with a master difficulty to gain more experience along with the quest.

Level Guidelines 9 to 16

After reaching level 9 or 10 go back to town and look for Ticket Officer. And teleport to Calderock  Village, which your goal is to look for a Master/Booster. I recommend to go to crowded channel and start looking for booster at the entrance of Cristal Stream, In their you'll need to find a level 40 or 50 character that offer boosting services, and If you managed to find one applied the system called "Apprenticeship" in Dragon Nest, Take advantage in this system to level up you character very fast.

Negotiate with your Master/ Booster to help you reach level 15 at Sigh Canyon Abyss Mode.
After hitting level 9, go back to town and then find the Ticket Officer. After that, teleport to Calderock Village wherein you'll be looking for your Master/Booster. I suggest that you choose a channel where it's crowded and head to the entrance of Cristal Stream. From there, you'll need to find a level 40 character which is offering boosting services. As we all know, there's a system called "Apprenticeship" in Dragon Nest wherein high level characters can help lower ones level up fast. Take advantage of this system!
After finding a Master/Booster, instruct him to help you out until level 15 at Sigh Canyon Abyss Mode.
Reaching the level 15 character start doing the secondary job, You can change your job just by taking the quest "Specialization"from you respective master with the same class as you are.

Look for Master/ Booster that are Class, Such as Destroyers, Barbarians, Moonlord,  Gladiators class they are recommended classes for fast boosting and save time.
Always bring with you your Dimensional Key and collect the items from Bunny, if you get Lucky you might get the Gold bunny which give epic items and Rares items that also includes Heraldys.
Don't forget to open you "Achievement Reward Box" upon leveling up you'll get Bonus Items from their (such as Seal Stamp, Blue and Yellow Messenger Bird)
Costumes from "Achievement Reward Box" will expire in 7 days so use it very well.

Level Guidelines 16 to 24

Upon reaching the level 16, Go to Dark Tower Magic Institute together with a party or Booster

Why in Dark Tower Magic Institute?
This are the following reasons.
  1. It will take no more than 2 minutes per run with proper high level gear.
  2. A great place to farm, as you can visit even reaching level 32
  3. Unlimited Board quest at level 18
  4. 15% exp per run including the board quest  and dungeon exp gain.

Level Guidelines 24 to 26

If you've decided to go with Epic 24 gears and even, and Elf's Queen Corpse set, but i recommend you to choose Rare one to save your gold for much stronger Gears and weapons.

Go to Saint Haven and do Abyss runs on Abandon Welton or Dries Marissa Spring(DMS). there are tricks their to finish the dungeon faster. Most of the booster know the secret just give them the lead to finish the run.(Use Sniping Skill or Skills that target in any direction.)

Level Guidelines 26 to 32

In this stage of the game, All you need to do is go to Saint Haven, Look for crowded channel teleport to North Gate/ Foothills Black mountain and look for a party of 4 which run in Abyss mode.

Why we choose Dark Overlord Keep?
This are the following reasons
  1. Also one of the best dungeon to farm.
  2. Run up to 2 to 3 minutes in a party with or without booster
  3. Epic items such as:
  • Intermediate Agate Code (Armor Level 40 and below)
  • Intermediate Crystal Code (Weapon Level 40 and below)
  • Intermediate Diamond Code (Accessories Level 40 and below)
  • Epic Level 32 Skill plates (found in golden bunny)
  • Ordinary Jewels (found in royal crest located at the vack of the two ogres)

Don't forget to take level 26 board quest in DOK.

Level Guidelines 32 to 40

Now that you reached the level 32 cap. You should enjoy the fact that you're half of to go to reach the max level character.

In this case the best and recommend dungeon for this level is FIC or Forsaken Islet Core found in Hermalte Port. You will receive 11% of experience from level 32 to 37 and 7% from level 38 to 40. Don't be discouraged about it since FIC is the only dungeon that gives higher exp including Board Quest from any other dungeon. Most Dungeon give on 3% every run, a bit disappointed? so I recommend you to do the FIC.

Level Guidelines 40 to 45

Go to LH or Lotus Marsh,From their look for a party of 4 members that enter Riverwort Ruins (RR) with a master difficulty don't try abyss one bosses at this levels are tough and it takes time, you can look for a party easily if you go to crowded channels, Experience gain from this dungeon if I remember correctly around 7 to 13% including Board quest Level 42(Master Level). If ever you felt like soloing you can with proper gears and you can gain more exp from it around 10% to 16% of experience but it will take more time. Upon reaching level 45 you will now move to 3rd Job and look for a quest "Specialization" with your respective master.

Very Important Note:
Do not go alone if the Class you are using are Clerics especially Priest, Because they have slow character and deals more time than the other class in finishing the dungeon fast.

Go with a party of 4 members for fast run.
Use +6 Cerberus Set or +8 Level 40 rare equips with suffixes if you want to go solo.
Every 2 runs your gears durability low so head back to town to repair and go back again.
Take the Master level in Board Quest.

Level Guidelines 45 to 50

Now that you've reach level 45 and already done with your 3rd job advancement, You can now continue leveling up with a party or solo mode at RR, Since you high level now you will gain around 3% to 6% of experience  per run while in a party and 5% to 8% where you're going solo.

If you notice from Level 40 - 50 you always go to RR dungeon. the reason behind it is Riverwort Ruins is the smallest and easiest dungeon in Lotus Marsh unlike other dungeon there are puzzles to be done while RR don't have and so far boss from RR in quite easy to deal than other bosses. So far RR is the best of grinding exp from 40 - 50 in DRAGON NEST SOUTH EAST ASIA.

Level 50

Congratulations! now  you've reach your character to max level you can now enjoy to the full extent of doing things and focus on Upgrading and Enhancing your Gears to Level 50.

Thank you for reading.

Enjoy Playing Dragon Nest SEA.